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BBQ Fundraiser for Wicked Great School Children

Wicked Charitable BBQ Fundraiser for Special School Children

GJ BBQ friaser (1)Join us for a Wicked Charitable BBQ Fundraiser!

The GrillJunkie team is proud to announce that we are joining forces with the Wicked Tuna gang of Johnny Johnson from Gloucester Charter Connection, Paul Hebert and other captains, Bentley’s Famous BBQ and regional oceanic artist Paul McPhee to raise funds for the Beeman Memorial Elementary School in Gloucester Massachusetts!

Come and meet some of the present and past stars of the hit show Wicked Tuna, enjoy some delicious BBQ, check out some unique grilling gear while helping to raise money for the Wicked Awesome kids at the Beeman School!

Check out the details below and the TV commercial!

BBQ Fundraiser – We’re Wicked “Fired Up!”


BBQ and Fundraiser for Beeman Memorial Elementary School children! The goal is to raise more than $15,000 for these great kids! Spread the word, share this post!bbq fundraiser


April 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2016. 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Where:GCC logo fish, fcfcfc background

Event will be held at the Gloucester Charter Connection grounds and store site located at 76 Essex Avenue Gloucester, MA 978-515-7739.


How:bbq fundraiser

Admission is free. Donations are welcome.* $10 Raffle Tickets for sale before and during 3-day event to win great prizes such Deep Sea Fishing Trips on the “Wicked Pissah” & “Subdivider” Boats, beautiful oceanic Artwork by Paul McPhee, grilling gear from KettlePizza & more from local Gloucester merchants! Raffle Tickets and $$ donation information available by calling or visiting Gloucester Charter Connection at 978-515-7739.

*Donations Welcome! – Outside donors can donate check out to: Gloucester Charter Connection either during 3-day event or beforehand. On the bottom left of the check where it says “For”, write:   Beeman School.  Mail check to:   GCC 76b Essex Avenue Gloucester, MA 01930. Donors can also contact the Gloucester Charter Connection for other donation methods at 978-515-7739.

Artist Paul McPhee

Artist Paul McPhee

Those who donate via check will receive a “sources and uses of funds statement or funds-flow statement”, an accounting statement that shows the sources from which a firm derives its cash and the use to which this cash is put during a trading period.



Free Bev Coozies while they last!

Come meet and greet with Wicked Tuna captains who will be present to autograph t-shirts, caps and photos. Meet local artist Paul McPhee. Meet, greet and eat with the gang from GrillJunkie and “PitMastah” Brandon Saldoni of Bentley’s Famous famous BBQ. Free beverage coozies from the GrillJunkie gang!




Spread the word!

Meet some of the gang from the hit show Wicked Tuna, enjoy delicious BBQ from the gang at Bentley’s Famous BBQ and GrillJunkie, and have a great day in beautiful and historic Gloucester MA with family & friends.


BBQ Fundraiser – Beautiful Gloucester MA

Come and enjoy the day or the weekend with us as we raise funds for a Wicked Good cause! Spend time walking the streets of beautiful and historic Gloucester, MA! Not only the home base of the hit show Wicked Tuna on National Geographic Channel, but Gloucester is an epic New England experience steeped in history. Check out this Drone Video of beautiful Gloucester MA!

Here are a few facts about Gloucester.

Gloucester at a Glance

  • Over 29,000 full time residents
  • Just 36 Miles from Boston
  • 38 Colleges and Universities within 50 Mile radius
  • Abundant beaches parks and recreation areas
  • Vibrant Art and Music scenes
  • Home to notable and active thinkers and creatorssquam-creative-teele-end-of-summer-gloucester-ma

Major industries:

  • Fishing and Ocean-centric Economy
  • Tourism
  • Arts & Culture
  • Technology

Famous Films:

  • Author! Author! had scenes shot on Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester.
  • In The Bostonians, oceanfront scenes were filmed on rocks at Rafes Chasm Park, off Hesperus Avenue.
  • Captains Courageous (1937) was set in Gloucester.
  • The Good Son was filmed in Gloucester and other Cape Ann communities.
  • Mermaids had scenes shot in the Magnolia area of Gloucester.
  • Moonlight Mile was filmed almost entirely in Gloucester, with some shots in Marblehead.
  • The Perfect Storm (2000) was filmed and set in Gloucester.
  • Polis is This: Charles Olson and the Persistence of Place is a one-hour documentary about the poet Charles Olson which the Boston Phoenix called “the best film about an American poet ever made.”
  • The Women was partly filmed in Annisquam.
  • The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming film takes place on a fictional Gloucester island but was filmed in Mendocino, California.

GCC logo fish, fcfcfc backgroundTo learn more about this “Wicked Charitable” event, purchase raffle tickets, GJ BBQ friaser (1)donate, or whatever might have you “Fired Up”, please feel free to contact or visit the Gloucester Charter Connection.




Grill Junkie logoWe are looking forward to meeting fellow grilling addicts and BBQ brethren at this exciting event. Come visit us and let us know, What Fires YOU Up? We welcome your comments, healthy debate, and the inevitable “flare up!” Leave a reply or comment. It’s OK. Bring it on!

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