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BBQ Dry Rub Reviews : Perfect Bite BBQ Butt Polish

BBQ Dry Rub Reviews: Perfect Bite BBQ Butt Polish

On a consistent basis the team here at GrillJunkie™ sets time aside to conduct and communicate our formal opinion on either a Grilling, BBQ or Burger related product inclusive of BBQ Dry Rub Reviews and Sauce Reviews. As you certainly can imagine these products run the gamut from Gotta Have It!CoolUsefulUtilitarianRidiculous and the, well, Just Plain Asinine!

Today’s BBQ Dry Rub Review candidate is:

Perfect Bite BBQ Butt Polish MSRP: $7.25 online

 Perfect Bite BBQ Spice

The GrillJunkie™ Grilling Product Review (GPR) Scale

Based on our extensive field research, the GrillJunkie Product Review team assigns a formal rating to every product that we test. This rating is based on a 1-5 Firepot structure as depicted in our Grilling Product Review (GPR) scale illustrated below. The number of Firepots given to the grilling product indicates its final rating. The higher the number of Firepots, the more positive the review.


GrillJunkie Grilling Product Review GPR Firepot key with logo

 GrillJunkie Grilling Product Review Scale

GrillJunkie 4 FirepotsQuick Rating: For the more impatient reader who needs to get the rating right away, we gave the Perfect Bite BBQ Butt Polish a 4.1 out of 5 GrillJunkie™ GPR Firepots. This rating equates to a Hot product.  This BBQ Butt Polish is a very fresh and versatile dry spice rub that can stand toe-to-toe with the big guys or any freshly home ground mixture while withstanding the discriminating tastes of BBQ Pork Shoulder or Pulled Pork snobs. For more detail on this BBQ Dry Rubs Product Review, including a brief History of BBQ Spices and Sauces, as well as the many upcoming Grilling Product Reviews on our schedule, read on!

First Up: A Bit of BBQ Dry Rubs Spicy History

Although BBQ Sauce usually gets center stage in American BBQ culture, without its backstage partner, namely BBQ Dry Rubs and Spices, the sauce that we covet so dearly would simply be a topical dressing and/or dipping sauce. Not much is specifically written about the history of BBQ spices, its Brisket Rub GrillJunkieorigin nor its evolution, but one thing is perfectly clear; without the unsung pre-grilling presence and enhancement of BBQ spices and dry rubs, our beloved BBQ sauce would be a B-list star on retail shelves and BBQ cook off contests. Without the “behind-the-scenes”, “before-the-show” pre-production role humbly played by BBQ Dry Rubs and grilling spices…the so called “flavor star” is just a one-trick pony.

The precise origin of barbecue sauce and flavoring is unclear. Some trace it to the end of the 15th century when Christopher Columbus brought a sauce back from Hispaniola while others place it at the formation of the first American colonies in the 17th century. References to the “saucy and spicy” substances start occurring in both English and French literature over the next two hundred years. South Carolina mustard sauce, a type of barbecue sauce, can be traced to German settlers in the 18th century.

Not Far Enough Back My Friends! Think this is pretty far back in time, huh? Well, think again. The idea of putting spiced sauces on food goes back much, much further. In fact, according to Harold McGee’s superb book On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen, in 239 B.C., Chinese Chef I Yin, in “Master Lü’s Spring and Autumn Annals” discusses the harmonious blending of sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, and salty, and the importance of balancing them harmoniously in sauces.

“The transformation which occurs in the cauldron is quintessential and wondrous, subtle and delicate. The mouth cannot express in words; the mind cannot fix upon an analogy. It is like the subtlety of archery and horsemanship, the transformation of Yin and Yang, or the revolution of the four seasons.”

The Yin and Yang of mixing sweet and sour is, of course, a Chinese specialty, and at the heart of most barbecue sauces and spices. McGee also quotes a Latin poem from 25 A.D. It describes a farmer pounding herbs, cheese, oil, and vinegar, and adding it to a flatbread. The paste sounds quite a bit like pesto genovese, and the flatbread sounds like a pesto pizza or calzone.Arawak Tribe - Grilling History

The first actual mention of the term “barbecue sauce” we have found was in the Bolivar Bulletin from Hardeman County, TN in 1871. The author of an article thanks a Dr. J.H. Larwill for:

“a fine lot of Barbecue Sauce, of his own invention. For fresh meats of all kinds it cannot be excelled.”

For a more detailed History of  BBQ Sauce, we highly recommend the article from Meathead Goldwyn of

So What is BBQ Butt Polish? First of all we need to clarify and explain the word “Butt”. What this refers to in the BBQ world is the cut of meat which is really Pork Shoulder, or in some more purist circles, Boston Butt. Butt Polish in essence is a BBQ Dry Rub that is used less as a rub and more of a food enhancer that can be used as a pre-smoking BBQ marinade while also being used to “polish” off the final product just prior to serving.

BBQ Dry Rub Reviews: Perfect Bite BBQ Butt Polish

Before we proceed to the formal BBQ Dry Rub / Spice Review, it is important to note that our BBQ Dry Rub Reviews follow an organized and comprehensive structure which includes the:

  • Product Source Stats
  • Outside the Package Review
  • Inside the Package Review
  • Final Verdict and GrillJunkie™ GPR (Grilling Product Rating)

Perfect Bite BBQ Butt PolishSo let’s dig in to the Perfect Bite BBQ BBQ Dry Rub Review!

Official BBQ Dry Rubs Review and GPR

Product Source Stats – The Facts M’am. Just the Facts.

  • Name: Perfect Bite BBQ Butt Polish
  • Ingredients: Sugar, Salt, Paprika, Spices, Onion and Garlic, Paprika Extract, Smoke Flavor ant not more than 2% Silicon Dioxide to prevent caking.
  • Color: Richly Dark Burnt Orange

BBQ Dry Rubs Review: Outside the Bottle

This subcategory reviews the variables such as the attractiveness of the product, its overall visual appeal and/or how “perty” it is, etc. This subcategory does come with a GrillJunkie GPR rating.

  • Packaging & Labeling – Upon unpacking, we found the resealable plastic 12 oz. cylindrical bottle, unique, quirky, eye catching and with a ton of personality on a refreshingly simple white spaced background. You’ll find the Perfect Bite BBQ logo with a bull steer holding an apathetic pig over an open fire professionally humorous, clear, memorable with a touch of bold southern masculinity and uniqueness. The package and overall logo design were complete and seem to have been professionally designed. The sealed top lid comes with both a shaker and pouring option. However, the package lacks any teaser recipes and a social media friendly QR stamp that may slightly hamper its retail user-friendliness.  A very clear Ingredient list on the back of the package add an overall step above most of the packaging out there without going too generic.
  • Story/Background – This is where the appeal increases dramatically. The team here at GrillJunkie has a passion for our family and friends with a soft spot for days gone by when life was simpler. So we certainly appreciate when the ad copy reads:
The idea for Perfect Bite BBQ comes from over fifty years of living in the south, where food, family gatherings and outdoor cooking is a way of life. For generations people have enjoyed the taste of slow cooked meat over an open fire. Countless hours and thousands of recipes have been devoted to the pursuit of the right combination to create the setting for that “Perfect Bite”.
With our Perfect Bite BBQ products, we ignite the sense of taste to take you back to those memories when life was simple and barbecues with family and friends left lasting impressions of good feelings and happy times. Our original Deep South recipes have stood the test of time and will create that Perfect Bite full of flavor and memories of days gone by.
Specific detail related to the Perfect Bite BBQ Butt Polish reads:
Perfect Bite BBQ has produced a unique combination of premium spices blended together to compliment that perfectly smoked hunk of pork butt that you have spent hours cooking. Perfect Bite BBQ’s rub does not attempt to hide the flavor of the meat, but to enhance the great smoky flavor your pork butt has absorbed. The combination of the smoke and our rub, produces the extra “kick” of flavor to create that “Perfect Bite”. Our rubs are made from spices obtained from a local spice house that consistently produces the freshest, most concentrated flavor of any spices available. That’s why you don’t have to coat the meat to obtain the desired flavor; a small amount of our rub applied Pork Shoulder recipe GrillJunkieovernight, or several hours before starting the cooking process is all it takes to produce the “Perfect Bite”. Because salt is not our main ingredient you can apply our rub whenever you like without the worry of drying out the meat. For those who want a stronger flavor, the blend allows you to pile it on to get the great taste you’re looking for. Perfect Bite Butt Polish will be your secret ingredient that will have your family and friends asking you where you learned to produce such great barbeque, and when can you cook some more. Just smile. Hide the bottle, and say “man, that was perfect.”
  • Logo & Graphics – The Product Review team found the Perfect Bite BBQ logo very effective and appealing as you’ll be drawn to a bull steer character holding a somewhat perturbed and well-fed pig being roasted over an open fire. We found this humorous, memorable and rich with Deep South charm. The package and overall logo design were complete and seem to have been professionally designed. The clean white background surrounded by a rounded gold strip provide a great canvas for the bold colors and clean artwork. There was no picture of the product in use or a recipe teaser which we believe would help the product fly off the shelf faster. A suggestion would be to have some more space dedicated to the use of the product such as on BBQ pork shoulder, or a quick definition of Butt Polish and some BBQ newbies may be curiously confused. Also, the use of a QR-code would beqr code helpful to drive website traffic and sales. Please note that a few of us on the GrillJunkie team are pompous branding experts, a.k.a. “snobs”so the constructive criticism is genuine and we apologize for the residual corporate pretense.
  • Cyber Marketing Presence / Web Site – As we found the physical outside product appeal to be solid, we were not disappointed with the company’s web site presence and utility. With such a bold looking product that will inevitably draw consumers to the site to not only learn more and order a few packages and/or visit their retailers, it seems that the web personality brims with uniqueness as well. Albeit a bit skim on its blog content and other social media presence such as Twitter and Facebook, a few more videos, how to’s and a little front end store clean up and its online visitors will not be disappointed. Again, more pretense and corporate blah, blah, blah from the GrillJunkie team sticking their noses in it as usual.
  • GPR#: 3.8/5.0 Firepots

BBQ Dry Rubs Review: Inside the Bottle

This subcategory reviews important variables such as the Flavor Profile, Consistency and Taste before being applied or cooked and thereafter. This subcategory comes with a GrillJunkie GPR rating as well.

  • Dominant Taste / Ingredient Match – The Dominant Taste of the Perfect Bite BBQ Butt Polish matched fairly well with our expectations from the product label and ingredient list. Strong earthy tones of BBQ Pork shoulder-enhancing paprika, smoke, and sugar deepened with garlic and onion are well blended for a strong rub to enhance any pork dish even beyond pork shoulder. Keep in mind we peak at the ingredient list only AFTER our blind taste test and found this BBQ Dry Rub mixture to be surprisingly fresh for a pre-packaged product rich with earthy tones that matched well with its ingredient claim. There may be some concern from those focused on all natural ingredients as this product does use a common anti-caking ingredient, albeit a minuscule amount.
  • Pre-cooked Flavor Profile – A strong and balanced Flavor Profile. We found a fresh spark to the spice mixture most likely due to its sealed and GrillJunkie Product Review of Perfect Bite BBQwell packed container as opposed to typical bottled versions that always seem to leave a bit of air at the top of the mixture introducing oxidation and a quick reduction in the fresh taste of newly ground spice. For those that have ever crushed and mixed spice at home, most would vouch that the difference is significant. Overall, the Perfect Bite BBQ Butt Polish’s pre-cooked flavor profile is a well-balanced mixture of natural sweet, textured spice and savory smoke that leaves you hankering for more.
  • Consistency and Texture – Although we would categorize this BBQ Dry Rub as moderately gritty, we found that the robust texture proved beneficial when we applied it to a Pork Roast, Pork Chops and Pork Shoulder (otherwise called Pork Butt or Boston Butt) helping the flavors to be absorbed easily by the meat and breaking down the texture prior to getting it on the BBQ. A good thing when trying to get an even flavor throughout a Pork Shoulder Cuban Sandwich recipe
  • Pork Shoulder recipe GrillJunkieSlathered & Cooked Flavor Profile – This is the true test of any lineup of BBQ Dry Rubs or any dry spice mixture for that matter. Unlike BBQ sauces that can be enjoyed both before and after grilling, a spice mixture is designed to enhance a meal mostly as a marinade and its flavor profile reveals its true flavor only when applied , smoked, heated and grilled.  We found that the earthy, smokey and savory kick, freshness and spiciness of the Perfect Bite BBQ Butt Polish awakened even more once rubbed on the Pork Shoulder and smoked in and caramelized for 10-12 hours. See our Cuban Sandwich – Pork Shoulder Recipe wherein we put the Perfect Bite BBQ Butt Polish to the ultimate test! We deliberately did not slather the BBQ pulled pork with BBQ sauce afterwards for this particular Grilling Product Review so as to focus our attention on the Butt Polish’s flavor profile after being applied and heated. What we found was impressive. For a team of finicky BBQ snobs and grilling enthusiasts that says a lot and the team at Perfect Bite BBQ should be proud that they’ve impressed a group of mostly skeptical and hard to impress food critics.
  • More please! – In fact, we even tried it on grilled shrimp, Pork Roast as well as in grilled meatballs with a 50/50 chuck to ground pork mixture and it added depth and character to these otherwise texture-rich, flavor-neutral dishes. Perfect Bite BBQ seems to understand the versatility of its product line as well as the breadth and depth of its appeal and has taken steps to package its unique mixtures of spices, sauces and jerky to BBQ, grilling, chicken, burger and tailgating lovers under its line of Perfect Bite BBQ products. Well done team. Well done. We are very much looking forward to conducting Product Reviews on their BBQ Sauce and Jerky!
  • GPR# – 4.2/5.0

The Verdict

Overall, the GrillJunkie Product Review Team give The Perfect Bite BBQ Butt Polish 4.1 out of 5 GrillJunkie™ GPR Firepots. Hot! product but not quite Searing!! This BBQ Dry Rub is ‘A Butt Polish Worth Biting”, and has both Outside Package appeal that delivers Inside the Package as well with a balanced formula of a well textured, not to sweet BBQ-complementing tang with the layered depth of earthy smoked paprika, garlic and savory onion.

GrillJunkie 4 Firepots


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