GrillJunkie – Addiction to Grilling-What Fires YOU Up?

About GrillJunkie – Grilling Bloggers with an Addiction to Grilling, BBQ, Burgers and Blogging!

If you consider yourself a GrillJunkie, Welcome! We are Grilling Bloggers with an Addiction to Grilling, BBQ, Burgers and Blogging!

GrillJunkie OvalBlackWelcome to the GrillJunkie™ website and grilling blog, where Your Addiction is Our Addiction! What Fires You Up?

We are Grilling and BBQ addicts and grilling bloggers who celebrate our passion by sharing recipes, tips and techniques, “how-to’s”, discussing, if not arguing, about the difference between grilling and barbecue or cooking with charcoal versus gas, as well as sauces and rubs, hot sauces, event reviews and so much more!

Right up there with Baseball, Football and Mom’s Apple Pie. Grilling is a top American pastime. There’s nothing quite like the aroma of a steak or burger fired up on the grill, or the luscious and smoky taste of a rack of ribs or a brisket that’s been slowly cooked and smoked for the past 24 hours until it falls off the bone, that tells the neighborhood about your grilling expertise, kingship and  overall awesomeness. Our grilling blog, which is written by our great team of grilling bloggers, who are always grilling and testing new recipes and burger recipes, will help increase your already awesome awesomeness!

We Love Grilling, BBQ and Burgers!!

So join us, and interact with us, as we blog, explore, share and learn about the great practice and pastime of Grilling, BBQ, creating and firing up new Burger recipes and spending time with family and friends. Fire it Up!

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