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What Fires You Up?

We are Grilling, BBQ and Burger addicts who express our passion via our Grilling Blog, creating and sharing grilling, BBQ and burger recipes, tips and techniques, “how-to’s”, and more! Our interactive and readership-focused approach covers such topics as the difference between Grilling and BBQ or cooking with Charcoal versus Gas, as well as Grilling Product and event reviews!

Grilling  – The Great American Pastime – Grilling Blog

America flagRight up there with Baseball, Football and Mom’s Apple Pie, Grilling is an American pastime. There’s nothing quite like the aroma of a steak or burger fired up on the grill, or the luscious and smoky taste of a rack of ribs or brisket that’s been slowly cooked and smoked for 24 hours until it falls off the bone, that tells the neighborhood about your grilling expertise, passion and overall awesomeness.

Our Mission?

Grilling blog got steak? It does a body good!

Our mission here at GrillJunkie™ is to convey our obsession, passion and addiction to Grilling, BBQ, & Burgers! Through our informative and interactive grilling blog posts, our ever-expanding list of Grilling and BBQ recipes, our Grilling Product and BBQ Sauce Reviews, as well as our grilling products and apparel lineup, we inform, learn from, and interact with our readers while honing our grilling skills and cherishing our time with family and friends.

One of our readership duties is to provide Grilling and BBQ product reviews through our Grilling Product Review (GPR) rating system. Designed to assist and inform the grilling and BBQ consumer in their buying decisions, the GrillJunkie™ team reviews and rates grilling products by providing a 6 category written review, and then assigning a 1 – 5 scaled FirePot rating to the product for our readership.

As you certainly can imagine, and most likely have experienced yourself, many products on the market today run the gamut from Gotta Have It!CoolUsefulUtilitarianRidiculous and the, well, Just Plain Asinine! 

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So join us, and interact with us, as we blog, about Grilling, BBQ and Burgers and explore, share and learn about the great practice and pastime of grilling and BBQ and spending time with family and friends. Fire it Up!



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    • Replygjunkie

      We're firing up the grill right now!

    • Replygjunkie

      A great excuse to get the gang together for our weekly pow wow, huh?

  2. Replyjeff drummonds

    Love what I'm seeing so far. I personally love to grill out, and I love even more to smoke meat for anywhere from 2-3 hours up to 6-8 hours depending on what type of meat and what size the piece. Looking forward to sharing and learning through this site.

    • Replygjunkie

      Thanks for the comment, Jeff. With your enthusiasm for BOTH grilling and BBQ you certainly qualify as an honorary GrillJunkie. Looking forward to sharing and learning along the way with you as well.

  3. Replygrill365

    Hey GrillJunkieguys - great site! I'm from New England and a grillaholic, grilling year round. My three kids love eating bbq even in the dead of winter & during snow storms. Lot's of good info on the site, with great product reviews. Keep em coming! grill365

  4. ReplyMisha

    Hello Grill Junkie, My family (wife and 2 year old baby girl) and I just moved out of our loft in the city (San Francisco) and into our first house in the suburbs (Walnut Creek). This is a totally new experience for me as I grew up a city kid and only left the city in the summers for camp or to go camping. But I promised myself that IF/WHEN I had a family we would grow up somewhere warmer (remember Mark Twain said: "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco), somewhere with more open space, and somewhere my kids can have and enjoy a back yard hopefully with a swimming pool! Well it took me 44 years but I did it. We bought an amazing house with an amazing patio attached directly to a superb kitchen, next to a large pool, and the only thing missing is an out door kitchen. I am not (currently) a talented chef or Grill Master, but I do hope to change that immediately. I also have a fairly large extended family that will be visiting often on many weekends. I also like to buy the best I can afford whenever I buy anything and do my share of research before I spend my money but I part with it happily as long as I know/believe I'm buying the best my money can buy. With that said I spent the past two weeks researching 'Grills, read a number of articles and reviews and have to say I find your blog to be the best written, least biased and the one I trust the most! Therefore before I finally go out and buy (I'm willing to spend a total of $1000) my grill I wanted to see if you would help me make my decision. During my research I learned the following: Perfect Grill BTU’s: At least 12,000 per burner. Stainless Steal: 304 grade (not 430 which rusts) ~ a magnet will stick to 430 but not 304 Cooking Area: not less than 600-900 square inches but the more the better. 100 square inches are needed per person. Several Heating Sources: the more the better or even better lava rocks NOT JUST ONE HEATING source! Grate: / Cooking Grids: • Stainless Steel ~ is easy to clean and produces the most intense heat • Cast-iron: They require curing to prevent rust, but they wear well, cook well and distribute heat more evenly than other grids. • Porcelain-coated, cast-iron: They're the most desirable for heat retention and ease of cleaning. They wear extremely well, are rust-resistant and last longer than other grids. Thermometer: built-in tempter gauge keeps you from opening the lid and losing heat Make sure its positioned in the middle of the grill for accuracy Materials, workmanship and durability are keys: to long-lasting enjoyment of your new grill. The grill hood and cook box should be constructed from cast aluminum, cast iron, enamel bonded steel or stainless steel for durability. Handles need to be sturdy and heat-resistant. Look for stainless steel carts with welded joints. Sturdy casters with wheel locks are ideal. Standard Propane Tank holds 20 pounds of fuel. Depending on the cooking temperature and number of burners working, a full tank usually lasts nine hours. Dual fuel gas grills: that allow you to easily cook with either liquid propane or natural gas are another convenient option to consider. Grill Cover Nice but not necessary: Infrared Burner I don’t need side burners as our kitchen is right there. Warranty is important and American or Canadian made is better than China made. With all this learning and a few visits to my local Lowes, Home Depot, and a store that only sells Grills, I have reduced my thinking to three brands: Weber Broil King Napoleon but deciding between them and on a specific model is proving to be a bit harder. I just read and reread your reviews of the "Top 10 Grills about $350" and decided to ask you" "What Grill would you buy if you were going to spend up to $1000"? Last few points I should mention I hope to use the Grill on a daily bases given that I am into fitness and I live on Chicken Brests. I don't care about side burners but searing and rotisserie feel important. And lastly being european my extended family prefers old school barbecuing with the flavor and smell of meat cooked over wood, but I want a grill that gets going fast and can be used often and thats why I'm only considering propane grills. Well I've said a lot but I really look forward to your in put. Thank you in advance. Best, Misha

    • ReplyGrill Junkie Staff

      Hi Misha! Thank you for both your question and positive feedback on our website. Congratulations on the purchase of your new home. We wish you and your growing family all the best. As far as your final three choices of grills.... you've narrowed your list down to 3 excellent grill brands all of which made our Top 10 Grills List of 2015. Although all three of these brands will meet your family's needs, we would recommend Weber for three main reasons: It is Made in the USA, comes with a 10 year comprehensive warranty, and Weber's customer service is incomparable. More specifically, the Weber Genesis E-330 meets all your needs. It has a sear burner, not included with the E-310 model and has rotisserie and smoking kits available as accessories. We recommend getting the painted version as opposed to the stainless steel version as you may save a few dollars and have three color options. The rotisserie kit and the smoking accessory will add about $99 each to your purchase, however there are great deals out there this time of late summer and we are sure you will be able to purchase this grill and the accessories for around $1,000 or less. We hope this helps. Feel free to stay in touch should you need further grilling advice.

  5. ReplyGAP

    3174 S PENINSULA DR Grill Junkie Looking for a recommendation of an infrared grill in the $400-500 range. Is this possible? Thanks, GAP

  6. ReplyHebergeur

    Stoke your coals for great grilled meals, from a charred-ketchup topped burger to chicken dinner twists and perfectly done steaks.

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